The Boardroom Dining & Spirits – Erie, PA – Reviewer: Adam

As we try to document here at Fat Guy Approved, the local food scene in Erie continues to improve. Another part of that scene is the world of finer dining (upper-end casual). That’s not to be confused with Fine Dining. The dress code at The Boardroom is still casual, but the ambiance evokes more of a classy club than your average family restaurant.

The interior is decorated in various shades of white, gray, and black in a modern yet inviting fashion. The decor harkens back to a time when people like Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and the rest of the “Rat Pack” still walked the Earth. Every table has a little LED lamp, which reminded me of the old miniature lamps you sometimes see on tables in movies like Goodfellas.

Since we don’t live in Vegas, the table lamps don’t have weird fuzzy shades, but I digress. All that to say, that I love the vibe of the place!

We visited on a Friday during Lent, so some of the group was there for seafood, and while I wasn’t there for that specific reason, I also don’t turn down good seafood. Among the many options on the menu, I opted to try the Lobster BLT Sandwich.

The sandwich and side order of fresh-cut fries were very nicely presented, and I also opted to request the universal condiment, Ranch dressing, to accompany my meal. In case you were wondering, the Ranch seems to be house-made, and it struck my fellow reviewer, Scott, and I as a peppercorn ranch. If you’re interested, yes, it’s “sippable.” The fresh-cut fries weren’t overly saturated with oil, and if I had to guess, we were among the first of the lunch crowd, so the frier was still very fresh. As for the sandwich itself, it was delightful. The bun was lightly toasted on the grille, and I think it was a Brioche bun. The nuts and bolts of the sandwich were also delightful. The shredded lettuce was fresh, and the tomato was a beefsteak, I believe, and it wasn’t too juicy, which can ruin a sandwich, in my opinion. The core of the sandwich was the Lobster salad, which featured a lot of lobster meat and a minimal amount of dressing. It was enough to stay together and not fall apart all over me. Topping it all off was the all-important B in the BLT. The bacon was delicious and crispy, and I think it was formed into a rosette. I wasn’t thinking in the moment and didn’t pull the bun off to look. Regardless, the sandwich came together to form a great combination of flavors. The whole thing came out to $19 before tip. I only had ice water with my meal, but they have a wide array of beverage options to choose from. Our waiter was smartly dressed all in black, and he had answers to all of our questions. Our food arrived in a decent time, and everything was correct. The whole experience was great. The Boardroom is definitely Fat Guy Approved!

Sometime if you’re in the area, I can whole-heartedly recommend that you stop by The Boardroom. They have indoor and outdoor (seasonal) seating, and while reservations aren’t required, it might not be a bad idea to call ahead on high-traffic days. You can also order online! Web links below!



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