Bricks at Cashier’s House – Erie, PA – reviewer: Scott

I realize Adam already beat me to this, but definitely check out his review from March 2023 for a more extensive historical background on the building itself and and his in-depth review.

Recently I was working downtown and needed to find lunch somewhere close by. I also want to try a place I had not been before. It was around 1 PM and I headed to Brick’s.

I was seated and reviewed the menu. I found the selection of lunch items on offer to be good and the prices to be pretty competitive by today’s standards. I decided on the Bricks and Mortar Burger. For $15 with french fries I thought that was a good value especially in a higher end establishment like this. My food arrived very quickly. The burger itself was generously sized with two beef patties. The large portion of very crispy fries were served in a porcelain cup that held them upright and kept them warm for a very long time. Whenever something is described on a menu as being ‘steak fries’ I always hope they will not be soft, thick, and too fluffy. These were the total opposite!

The burger patties had a nice char from the grill but were still juicy. The bun was nicely toasted, as well.

I ordered the mortar sauce on the side. I was concerned it would have too much horseradish flavor for my liking but found it to be fairly mild. Did not want it to overpower the rest of the burger. I am glad I got it on the side for this reason but my personal preference would probably be a good mayonnaise instead.

I ordered a side of ranch. I was pleased with it, though it is pretty different from your average ranch. While it lacked much of the typical flavor you would expect I still found it a good dipping sauce for my fries.

I plan to head back to Brick’s in the near future to try some of their other items I was tempted by the French Onion Soup on their menu but could not have had it as well on this trip. It came recommended by my server but opted to leave it for another day.

One note on my visit: if you are looking for the restrooms you actually walk through the kitchen to get to them. The kitchen was very clean as you would imagine but it was a new experience for me. Nice to be able to see ‘how the sausage is made’ so to speak.

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