Herb and Honey Bakery – Erie, PA – FatGuy Reviewer: Scott

Located within Urbaniak’s market at 310 East 24th Street you will find the Herb and Honey Bakery, and what are simply some of the best baked goods in the region.  As a fat guy I have eaten many pastries.  These are truly exceptional.  They do offer a range of bread and rolls as well.  You can browse their goods and order ahead for pickup from their website:


Get there earlier in the day if you can for full selection, as some of the more popular items will likely not last the morning.  This especially applies to bee pollen honey puff pastries which are offered only on Saturday (at the time of this writing).  They are phenomenal!  Just sweet enough, buttery, and very flaky.  If you can’t wait to get home and eat one in the car while driving be prepared to create a lot of flaky crumbs all over your front and the car seat.

For this review I will focus on some of my favorites; items that I get whenever I see them.  I can also highly recommend the sourdough soft pretzels.  If you are a pretzel fan, definitely give them a try.

Today I am reviewing the following:  Bee Pollen Honey Puff Pastry, Capicola and Swiss Croissant, and Chocolate Croissant (Pain au chocolat if you are being fancy).

Bee Pollen Honey Puff Pastry

Not exaggerating when I say this is truly one of the best things I have ever eaten, pastry or otherwise.  The sweetness of the honey and bee pollen combined with the light, airy puff pastry.  It is not very filling on its own; its feels like I could eat 3 of them at once.  Usually I will have this as ‘lunch dessert’ following something else.

Capicola and Swiss Croissant

It’s big!  Practically a meal itself and all the necessary food groups are represented!  Ok; not vegetables, but who is counting?  . . .Or fruits.  But fats, cured meat, dairy, and bread are all there.  As with any of their croissant offerings this is flaky, crispy on the outside, and buttery.  The meat and cheese are a nice addition.  After eating one of these you feel you could bike through the French countryside then maybe take a long nap by a hedgerow.  Europeans, right?  They have it figured out.

Chocolate Croissant

Another winner here.  The chocolate contained inside is not too sweet and even a little bitter; but not in a bad way.  There are a couple French bakeries in the Pittsburgh area that I have been to, which this compares favorably to.  The Chocolate Croissant is best enjoyed the same day it is made/purchased.  It loses some crispness overnight even when compared to the other pastries in this review.  Just an FYI.

In conclusion

If you have not tried the Herb and Honey Bakery I hope this review has been helpful.  If you like high quality baked good in the Erie area be sure to stop in.  The owners are very friendly folks. If you are not already going to Urbaniak’s this is a good reason to check them out as well (worthy of their own future review I think).  Neither will disappoint!  Both are certainly Fat Guy Approved.

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