The Que Abides Pit-Stop – Erie, PA – Fat Guy Reviewer: Adam

Welcome back, dear reader, to another installment on Fat Guy Approved! I recently stopped by The Que Abides Pit-Stop out in Fairview, PA in the building previously occupied by the Out of the Grey Coffee House. Up until my recent visit, I’d only experienced The Que Abides in its food truck form, and I’ve never been disappointed. Not once. It’s a fantastic addition to the ever-expanding local BBQ scene in the Erie area.

“The Dude” sandwich with spicy pickles and the house-made kettle chips

One of the things that drew me to The Que Abides early on is the fact that everything about the menu (and now the restaurant location itself) is a loving homage to the Jeff Bridges classic, The Big Lebowski. The film is a personal favorite, and I really enjoy how everything about the business harkens back in various ways, both obvious and obscure, to the film. Even the art on the trailer and the brick-and-mortar location is a delightful representation of the characters pictured as the meats on offer. Since I failed to get a picture, Walter is envisioned as a big cow wearing the signature amber-vision glasses, the pig is The Dude (or El Duderino), and Donny as a chicken (which I think is a nod towards Donny constantly being told that he’s “out of his element!” by Walter).

To get back to the food, I chose for my entree “The Dude” Sandwich. It is described on the menu as follows:

“Our Signature sandwich, Pulled pork topped with North Carolina slaw, on a toasted hoagie roll”

I chose to eat my sandwich without any sauces. Whenever I try out a new place (or a new location in this case), I try to enjoy my food choice with little to no adornment. I try to be as pure in the experience as possible, and as usual, I was not disappointed. The speed of service was very quick, despite it being a pretty busy Saturday night, and the food was spectacular! The sandwich comes with chips and house pickles. The chips themselves are a personal favorite ( I love a good kettle chip), and the pickles had a little kick to them without being too spicy. I heartily recommend that you visit The Que Abides Pit Stop if you’re ever in the area.

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