Timber Creek Tap and Table – Meadville, PA – FatGuy Reviewer: Scott

My job took me to Meadville recently and I was able to have lunch at Timber Creek, which I have wanted to try for some time.  I had heard good things from friends who had gone there and tried a few of their beers (and root beer) myself beforehand.  Their website:


I was there a tad early for lunch, but between Noon and 12:30 a fair number of other patrons filtered in.  I sat at the bar.  Always nice to have this option when flying solo.  I was a tad surprised by what appeared to be a standard definition video feed (stretched, distorted, grainy, and sad looking) on both of the HDTV’s behind the bar.  It’s 2018!  HD is not some rare newfangled thing.  For a recently opened establishment this seemed a rather glaring oversight and should be corrected.  But I digress.

After reviewing the rather extensive menu for some time I ultimately decided on one of the Small Plates; the Steak and Egg.  Hard to pass up steak for only a couple dollars more than a burger.  Steak and Egg was $13.

 Steak & Egg
6oz sirloin on a bed of potato hash topped with a fried egg, onion straws, and drizzled with sriracha aioli

As you can see the presentation is quite fancy (worthy of Fance Laddington himself, I dare say).  I ordered the steak medium rare and it was cooked perfectly.  It was also reasonably tender for a sirloin.  As we all know adding a fried egg to anything is basically cheating, but I am alright with that.  The yolk mixed with the aioli, onion straws, and steak was a very nice flavor combination.  The potatoes were well seasoned though I did find a few of the larger pieces to be a just a tad under-cooked.   I washed this all down with a glass of their own root beer, which was very good.

I was pleased with my first visit, and it will not be my last.  I will post a follow up then.  If you are in Meadville and looking for good food and drink give Timber Creek a try.  Their food is a tad pricey but as with so many things you do get what you pay for.

Verdict:  **Fat Guy Approved!!**

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