Beechwood Golf Course – Erie, PA – Fat Guy Reviewer: Adam

On March 4th, at Zem Zem Shrine and Banquet Center in Erie, the Erie Philharmonic will be hosting their 3rd annual Mac and Cheese event (more info at:, and over the last two events Beechwood Golf Course has been a contestant. I tried their Mac last time around, and I loved it, but that was a year or more ago, and I hadn’t had an opportunity to try it since. With the upcoming competition in mind, I decided to take in lunch at Beechwood and sample their Mac and Cheese first-hand.

I’ve never been to Beechwood Golf Course or its restaurant before, and I was pleasantly surprised at the casual atmosphere of the space since it also serves as part of the clubhouse. On Fridays, the restaurant is open to the public for lunch. I decided to try the Chicken, Bacon and Shank wrap as the last portion of the title intrigued me, and of course I had a small bowl of the Mac and Cheese..

The macaroni itself was corkscrew pasta with ridges to better gather its companion ingredient, the cheese.  The cheese sauce tasted to me like a good four-cheese blend with the emphasis being on Cheddar. Since you are able to customize your mac, I opted to add bacon. The pasta was done just right, the cheese sauce was flavorful and smooth with just a hint of texture, and the bacon was somehow still crisp! Delicious!

The wrap was equally tasty. The chicken portion was comprised of two good sized, breaded chicken fillets, along with  bacon, lettuce,  and tomatoes. The “shank” portion of the name had to do with the sauce. The best way I can describe it is as being very closely associated with a Buffalo Wing Sauce. The flavors and heat level were almost identical.

The service provided was swift, and our waitress was very pleasant. I can highly recommend the Beechwood Restraurant if you’re in the area on a Friday for lunch. Other nights of the week they are open for dinner.

Visit them on the web for more info!


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